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We have dozens of ranges of planters and window boxes to choose from. We also specialize in bespoke planters and custom-made window boxes. We can make metal planters and metal window boxes of any size and color.

By combining our expert plants knowledge and designer taste we create high impact solutions which perfectly compliment your property.

We carefully choose and position containers to complete the overall look of your house and we make sure to enhance it with the correct planting for your particular setting and needs, creating a blend of shapes and forms with the perfect scale and proportion.

We offer you an easy and an effective solution to improve quickly the quality of your surroundings, letting exuberant planting be the real eye-catcher or making a strong statement with the sculptural shape of the planter.

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To discuss your needs or to arrange a quote, please call 020 7183 2349 or email

Instant solutions:

Buxus Ball in polystone planter £299 (each)

Bay tree in polystone planter £299

Olive tree in polystone planter £450


Contemporary grass in polystone planters £199 (each)


Bamboo in polystone planters £199 (each)




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